A few skips and skiffs in the recordings below .. you get the idea #nofilter

1. Whiskey, Wine, or Sorrow // written by Anna Scott

2. Let's Go Fly A Kite // written by Anna Scott (mostly cut out of recording)


Saturday, September 23 @ Rockwood Music Hall
7pm // Stage 1
Friday, August 18 @ Rockwood Music Hall
6pm // Stage 1
Wednesday, MAY 24 @ Rockwood Music Hall
7pm // Stage 1
Sunday, APRIL 9 @ Rockwood Music Hall
3pm // Stage 1

4. Nobody Minds // written by Tyler Riefke

5. Daddy's Eyes // written by Anna Scott

6. Shadow of Me // written by Anna Scott, originally produced by New Carolina

7. Amazing Grace // written by Anna Scott, originally produced by New Carolina

8. Rock & Roll My Soul // written by Anna Scott

9. Mama's Rock & Roll // written by Anna Scott (please pardon significant skips/recording glitches)

10. (Cover) Ain't No Sunshine // Bill Withers


Music video for the song "Shadow of Me" by Anna Scott included on New Carolina's album, South of Stanton. https://newcarolina.bandcamp.com/releases Lyrics, vocals, choreography, wardrobe, and produced by Anna Scott. www.annascott-livingbold.com Co-directed, and prop-mastered by Anna Scott & David Marroquin. Cinematography and editing by the talented David Marroquin.

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Failed State (feat. Anna Scott) // Spokes // Flight EP // Coyote Records

Music and I have had a complicated history. Growing up in a loving Southern home, music represented boundaries and lines in the sand to me - what you listened to and what you did not listen to defined who you were in the grand scheme of our muddled little societies. Granted, the acceptable category our house included everything from Ella & Etta, to Zeppelin, to Travis Tritt and Diamond Rio. At a young age, I was unconsciously introduced to the idea that music can unite and divide cultures. 

With a decent natural knack for instruments and vocal skills, the encouragement I received in pursuing these gifts was overwhelming. Too young to decipher ego from inability, I retreated from a lot of opportunities to work hard at improving and developing my musical ability. 

In the last few years, I have begun to overcome beginner's stage fright (which I have since re-labeled, 'narcissism') through secretly attending hole-in-the-wall open mics everywhere from London to Chapel Hill to Los Angeles and singing a cappella, and in the last year performing at various venues in New York City including Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, Weigh Station. In the beginning instances, I physically choked on stage, like - stepped back from the mic, gasped for air, cleared my throat, sheepishly said sorry to the crowd and kept singing- kind of choking. I also give this endearing little nerve-spasm credit for most of the applause I received..

The first open mic was when I was 20-years-old, living in London for the summer, and had the brilliant idea to sing Adele's "Rolling In The Deep," and Aretha Franklin's "You're All I Need." 'They' say go big or go home, but I learned that it's also pretty stupid to try to mimic England's current pop Idol in her own hometown (this was 2011) and one of the globally acclaimed greatest female vocalists in human history, your first time at bat. If I ever become famous, I still have those recordings for the VH1 special.. or more realistically, the Starz e-news feature. 

These experiences were all beautifully flawed stepping stones into breaking down my ego to a place I could actually work with and mold the little beast. I've since been recorded on three different albums, in three very different genres, and played gigs as a lead singer for New Carolina in venues around New York City including Rockwood Music Hall, Bowery Electric, and Pianos. Still small potatoes, but the black swirl of nerves that used to encompass my head on stage (much like Pig Pen's in Charlie Brown), is now somewhat tamed. 

Hope you enjoy the snippets of each contribution above, and thanks for listening!