Album cover and band logo for Country Rock Americana band NEW CAROLINA, for their debut album, South of Stanton.


Creating this design was certainly a challenge in the normal ways, but in addition - this was the first piece I ever attempted on Photoshop. In addition, the finished product was planned to represent our band's debut album, and first logo. No pressure. 

I learned a lot about design while doing this piece - fumbling through Photoshop, the push-pull of the design process, and the beauty of thresholds. As I was getting introduced Photoshop for the first time, there were many mini-breakthroughs after long minutes of frustration that gave gusts of salty air to the process and breathed life into the fun of Process. An art I think has been lost by much of our generation.

free your soul

Cover art for single debut of electronic, house groove artist Ohm Boy. 

ohm boy

Logo design for electronic, house groove artist Ohm Boy.


Logo for UNC in NYC Media Mentors program.


Cover art for single of artist Nicole Rivera.